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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

So you want to know more about me....

Welcome to one of a half-dozen pages I use to do my writing exercises.

Chances are you ended up on this page after looking into my father Marvin "I'm-in-jail-because-of-my-own-ego" Sutton.

What will you find on this page? Past this entry you'll find things I wrote in 2005 & 2006. You'll see how much I hate men who father children but can't take responsibility for their actions. You'll see how much I adored Pope John Paul ll and grieved when he passed away. You'll see basically a scratch page of my scribblings while I was learning to use a blog.

You won't find any thing on Marvin. Some of you may think you're finding things that you think will give you an idea of me and my life. From a blip of a blog? Not likely. You'll find what I want you to find. You'll find what I wrote to be read. There's no dark secrets here or insights into me as a person. Just general observations on life.

And, as I've written on the Popcorn blog, if you send threats, insults or any ugliness it will be deleted. Marvin's little posse of rude supporters don't like the truth. Sorry, folks, I can't help you there so spewing drivel on me about your sad-ass hero will not be posted and will not be a concern for me.

To the folks who've sent support and sweetness: