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Saturday, February 25, 2006

It's all about the big fuzzy bathrobe

I've been gardening and listening to the monks of Kiev. I intend to spend the entire day in Grandma's bathrobe.
In a sad sort of way it's been a perfect day. The snow is pretty but causing no issues. S____ and D_____ stopped in. Tea was served. The glass got passed around. Bach was listened to. A_____ came by after the sun set and her kids were in for the night. M____ called to share a giggle about a tampon box. Basil came out to play for a while. I spent a while trying to catch water drops on my fingers. I spent a long time in the shower conditioning my winter-ravaged hair. I wrote a lot. 'Thought about drawing, but, decided against it until my hands steady.
I think I'll order a pizza. M___& T____ loaned me "That 70's Show" on DVD- that should take care of the rest of the evening- and surf around on my Virtual Tourist page.
So long as I stay in my bathrobe .


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