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Friday, February 24, 2006

Death to Peter Pan

"Is it okay if I don't grow up?" The question came from a man in his mid-40's. It was directed at his mid-20's girlfriend. They were discussing the baby they have created.
WHAT A FUCKING STUPID QUESTION! What kind of mindset even prompts such a query?
No! It's NOT "okay" if you don't grow up! Shouldn't you have grown-up, say, over 20 years ago, sir?
It's fine to fuck, but, responsibility rots, is that what I am to understand is the underlying mentality of the modern American male?
"I met this girl this week end. I really like her. I even remembered her name in the morning." a man proudly announced to me the other day. You can push your cock into a woman, but, you can't retain her name? This goes along with a wonderful quote I found the other day- something to the effect that many many many men find women to be "tasteless, odorless and nearly plastic."
Die, Pete Pan, DIE! Your simpering whining ways are sucking the life out of the world. Your pecker is not that interesting. Your job is not the center of anyone elses world. You've got baggage, I understand- but, I am not a luggage rack. DIE PETER! ROT IN HELL!! I am not your mother. I am not your cock-cozy. I am not your punching bag. I am not here as an incubator for your off-spring. Your addictions and assumptions twist my guts. My focus in life is not to make you feel better about yourself.
Take responsibility for your children. Show the woman/man you love respect. Be honest. Grow together. Don't be an asshole. You know when you're doing it- don't do it.


Blogger Christina said...

For what it's worth (maybe not much)... Agreed, Peter Pan needs to grow up, but so does Patricia Pan. We are post the age of sexual revolution, women can take responsibility for the prevention of unplanned pregnancy too... even 20 years ago women could do that. In fact, the method's have been around for a minimum of 40 years (and waaayyyy longer for other methods). But, I can't blame you for being sore.

3:11 pm  
Blogger Sky Sutton said...

So very true, Christina. And that would be the other side of the story. The female in this story definitly dropped the ball on covering herself. It was just so irksome that when the deed was done she stepped up to take responsibility while Mr. Pan went running to the bar to hide behind his buddies leaving me as the one in the waiting room while my pal got a d'n'c.
Thanks for your very fair observation. :)

3:15 pm  
Anonymous Annie said...

If all the Wendys of the world would raise their Peter Pans to respect women and respect themselves maybe they would mature in responsibility and maintain the joy of childhood rather than the ignorance of feeling like all women are toys,,,just sayin..

10:20 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I. don't think the "law" or at least they call themselves that! To bust who raised his family by the way most men did then is a shame.They couldn't get. him while he was running it so the lowdown dirty. "Men" got him. after he retired..That was so damned dirty.My son thinks that Popcorn is and was the grestest there ever was.He is his hero.My husband raced dirt and we heard the stories of the dirtdrivers who run moonshine liike Jr Johnson.We knew him well..I:'m saving up for your book about Popcorn for Shaun

2:09 am  
Blogger Sky Sutton said...

I can agree with most of what you say,Shaun, but I must correct you about the "raised his family". Popcorn was very good at many things. Being a father was not one of them. Sad but true: Popcorn stepped away from his parental responsibilities on ALL of his many children.

6:25 pm  

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