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Monday, May 09, 2005

'Rubber plants' and Masks

In a office on the edge of town I couldn't help but notice the wooden 'medicine' masks on the walls and the fake plants in the waiting area. Those things wouldn't be note-worthy if that office wasn't the office of a plastic surgeon who does faces only. Fake faces. Fake flowers. Fake beauty. Thousands of dollars worth.
The market for this doctor and his crew is mammoth.( 'going by the number of files in the main office.) A surgury based mostly on low self-esteem. That's pretty harsh- that so many folks feel bad about their faces. That these folks would pay so much- nothing on the menu is less than $500- and, that's just a facial!Awful! Lasers, radio waves, lotions and potions, scalpels and scissors and be 'beautiful'.


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